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Make money online at Poloniex
Visit POLONIEX - click on image
POLONIEX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges
If you are new to cryptocurrencies I will show you in this short tutorial that it is not that difficult to trade at POLONIEX.
First of all you need some BITCOINS. At COINBASE you get a free bitcoin-account and can buy bitcoins for Dollars or Euros.
Visit COINBASE - click on image
You should buy at least bitcoins for about $ 300 to $ 500 so that you are able to divide them in 15 to 20 small portions worth about $ 25 to $ 30.
After that you simply register at POLONIEX and sign in. You transfer your bitcoins from COINBASE to POLONIEX.

At the EXCHANGE-site you find at the right side the coin-menu. Set it on low VOLUME. 
Then you look for a monthly chart that looks like for example the OMNI/BTC chart. This is the monthly chart. As you see the course is at moment low in comparison to the last 2 weeks.
Make money online at Poloniex
In this example I buy OMNI coins for 0.02 BTC at course 0.00356034. 
Make money online at Poloniex
Now you take a look at the chart again. As you can see has the curve hit the 0.004568 BTC-mark in the last 2 weeks several times.
Make money online at Poloniex
So I place a sell order for my OMNI coins at 0.004568. As you can see I will get 0.02559632 BTC for my OMNI-coins when the course hits the 0.004568 mark. In this case it will be fabulous 28 % profit!
Make money online at Poloniex

Now you do the same with all the money you have, buy 15 to 20 different crypto-coins and place sell-orders at higher courses.
And if your course hits the course-goal you place the received bitcoins again.
So you can double or triple your money in manageable time.

As easy as it works, there are some points to remark. As nobody knows in which direction the courses will go tomorrow, you can make earnings from maybe 15 placements at different cryptocurrencies 10 times a week.

But if as for example the BITCOIN rises strongly, courses will fall and you will not have any earnings for several weeks!

When this happens DON´T SELL IN PANIC! Because this is one great advantage of POLONIEX EXCHANGE - courses are rising again and will hit your set course-goal at least one or two month later so that you will not lose money. You just need a little patience.

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Thank you, Herbert

As I do´nt know anything about the financial background of the here presented website 

I refuse any responsibility for the promised payouts!  
So please invest just small amounts of money which will not endanger your lifestyle! 


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